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Student Storage: The Affordable Year-Round Answer to College Clutter

Is your small dorm room becoming a problem? College students can find the answer to their storage woes with self storage, an affordable option available all year round. Instead of dealing with clutter or the inconvenience of taking extra items home during breaks, students can rely on local self storage facilities to ensure their belongings are securely stored throughout the year. Stay budget-friendly and protect personal items—plus take advantage of easy access to your stuff whenever you need it. Check out iLockStorage’s variety of units to find a student storage solution that help you stay organized!

year-long student storage with iLockStorage

4 Advantages of Renting Student Storage Year-Round

One Storage Location

For college students, particularly those traveling far or studying internationally, shipping costs can add up. But when you seek a secondary space to hold onto your items as you travel in between semesters, you can dodge expensive shipping fees and keep all your items secure. By renting a self storage unit, you can safely store all your belongings at a storage facility located close to your campus. Holding onto that storage space long-term creates an easily accessible area for your belongings away from shared dorms and communal residence hall rooms.

Heavy Focus on Security

Renting a long-term storage unit provides the security that may be lacking in joint college spaces. With front gate access codes and personal locks on units, only the tenant has access to their belongings. This alleviates the worry of leaving personal items in a living area where multiple people might have access. With a long-term storage unit, a student’s possessions remain under their control.

iLockStorage features security cameras and on-site managers at our Greenville, NC, facility that keep an eye on the grounds daily.

Don’t Stay Constrained to Your Dorm

For many students, academic success is closely tied to their environment. Having a neat, well-organized space is conducive to productive study sessions as well as getting rest and recovery. Students can effectively manage their living space by renting a small storage unit, freeing their residence of unnecessary clutter. By clearing out less frequently used items out of your living space and tucking them away into storage, students can create a cozy arrangement in their dorms.

Stay on Budget

Even if a student chooses to rent their storage space year-round, self storage can be an affordable solution on a student budget. iLockStorage offers a wide selection of different storage options, so tenants can customize their experience to cater to their needs. If you only need a small space for a short period of time, we can make that happen—as well a long-term solution for a large load. Our storage calculator is an excellent tool that can recommend an appropriate storage size based on your list of items.

Student Storage for East Carolina University

Where can East Carolina University students look for secure storage space close by? iLockStorage on Allen Road is conveniently located near the School of Medicine to serve students living in or commuting through the area. If you have any questions about the rental process or the kind of storage unit you need, our experts will work you to set you up with the right space. See the options we have available now!

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