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Temperature-Controlled Storage Units

When protecting your valuable items, not all storage choices are created equal. iLock Storage, located in Greenville, NC, offers a range of temperature-controlled storage units designed to provide an ideal environment for safeguarding your belongings. In this guide, we’ll explore these units’ unique features and benefits and recommend items best suited for this type of storage.

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Table of Contents

I. Temperature-Controlled Storage Units Explained

II. Benefits of Temperature-Controlled Storage

III. What to Store in Temperature-Controlled Storage Units

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Temperature-Controlled Storage Units Explained

Temperature-controlled storage units establish a stable environment through active temperature regulation within a specific range, regardless of external weather conditions. These units’ heating and cooling systems consistently uphold a temperature between 55°F and 80°F. Delicate items remain unharmed by extreme summer heat or winter cold when stored in iLock Storage’s meticulously crafted temperature-controlled units. These units are conveniently located within insulated structures, offering added protection against the elements, making them the preferred choice for individuals seeking the highest level of care for their belongings.

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Benefits of Temperature-Controlled Storage

Temperature Consistency: These units uphold a stable temperature range, safeguarding your possessions against the effects of extreme heat or cold.

Preservation of Delicate Items: Temperature-controlled storage units are perfect for delicate items such as antiques, artwork, electronics, and important documents, as they prevent temperature-related deterioration.

Year-Round Protection: They shield items from temperature fluctuations that occur during seasonal transitions, ensuring their continuous well-being throughout the year.

Convenient Access: Temperature-controlled units offer indoor access, enhancing the convenience of retrieving items in all weather conditions.

Peace of Mind: Storing your items in the controlled environment of our temperature-controlled storage units brings peace of mind, especially for sentimental items.

Extended Durability: Items stored within these units typically enjoy a longer lifespan due to reduced exposure to extreme temperature variations.

Given these advantages, temperature-controlled units are a wise investment for tenants who prioritize the safety of their possessions.

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What to Store in Temperature-Controlled Storage Units

Furniture: Our temperature-controlled units at iLock Storage shield wood and upholstery from temperature fluctuations.

Artwork and Collectibles: These units maintain stable conditions to safeguard delicate paintings, sculptures, and collectibles.

Electronics: Temperature control in our units prevents damage from extreme heat or cold, extending the lifespan of your devices.

Musical Instruments: iLock Storage ensures your musical instruments’ structural integrity and sound quality in our temperature-controlled storage.

Essential Documents: Documents, records, and paperwork remain protected from deterioration.

Photographs and Film: We preserve photographs, negatives, and film reels from deterioration in our temperature-controlled storage.

Valuables and Heirlooms: Our temperature-controlled storage units guarantee the long-term preservation of your valuable and sentimental items.

Understanding which items benefit the most from our temperature-controlled storage allows customers to make informed choices. iLock Storage’s state-of-the-art facilities provide the ideal setting to ensure the extended preservation of your most cherished belongings.

The Superior Choice for Sensitive Items

Selecting the proper storage isn’t just about space; it’s about ensuring your belongings remain in excellent condition. Our temperature-controlled storage units at iLock Storage offer a consistent and secure environment, especially for items sensitive to temperature changes. Whether you’re storing valuable artwork, precious photos, or crucial business documents, opting for temperature control is wise. We have the perfect unit for you at our facility in Greenville, NC.

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